Three Klebsiella species cause life-threatening infections and share drug resistance genes

Three different species of Klebsiella bacteria can cause life-threatening infections in hospital patients and that all three share genes that confer resistance to the most commonly used antibiotics, new research shows. The study improves physicians’ understanding of Klebsiella infections and could point toward better ways to fight multi-drug resistant strains of these bacteria. Source: Feed4

Bone loss after denosumab, only partial protection with zoledronate

To counter the decline in BMD after denosumab treatment is discontinued, osteoporosis patients may be transitioned from denosumab to other anti-resorptives. This report investigates whether a single infusion of zoledronate might also be an effective option to prevent bone loss after long-term denosumab treatment in postmenopausal patients is discontinued. Source: Feed4