Genetic DJ: Growing cells remix their genes

Moving genes about could help cells to respond to change according to scientists. Changing the location of a gene within a cell alters its activity. Contrary to expectations, this latest study reveals that each gene doesn’t have an ideal location in the cell but are constantly moving. This work, which has also inspired a musical […]

Muscles can 'ask' for the energy they need

Muscles require energy to perform all of the movements that we do in a day, and now, for the first time, researchers have shown how muscles ‘request’ more energy from fat storage tissues in fruit fly models. They also discovered that this circuit is dependent on circadian rhythms, which could have implications for obesity in […]

Self-driving cars may soon be able to make moral and ethical decisions as humans do

A ground-breaking new study challenges the assumption that moral decisions are strongly context dependent and cannot be modeled or described algorithmically, finding that human behavior in dilemma situations can be modeled by a simple value-of-life-based model. The research suggests that human moral behavior can be well-described by algorithms and used by machines to manage moral […]