Myths about Narcolepsy Debunked

Could you suffer from narcolepsy – and not even know it!? Learn the truth about a disease that affects about 200,000 people in the U.S. Sufferers can experience excessive daytime sleepiness, sleep paralysis, muscle weakness, hallucinations when falling asleep or waking up, and disrupted sleep. • Do people with narcolepsy sleep all the time? Source: […]

Tips to Kick the Smoking Habit

Shawn says he was so addicted to cigarettes that he kept smoking after he was diagnosed with cancer. Today Shawn works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Tips from Former Smokers Campaign, helping others quit smoking. “My brother and one of my sisters died from complications of diabetes, which were made worse by […]

12 Surprising Signs of Breast Cancer

You know their size, level of perkiness, and how good they look in that one shirt with the plunging neckline. For optimal breast health, says Dr. Joshua G. Cohen, a gynecological oncologist at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, you need to have what physicians calls breast self-awareness. While a firm, usually fixed area is the […]