HPV may lurk in your throat

Researchers found human papilloma virus (HPV), the culprit behind cervical and head and neck cancers, hiding in small pockets on the surface of tonsils. They believe HPV may evade the immune system in this hiding place, allowing the virus to lay in wait for an opportunity to reinstate an infection or invade the tonsil tissue […]

Brain's insular cortex mediates approach and avoidance responses to others in distress

Searching for clues to complex social behaviors, experiments found that laboratory rats – much like humans – will approach distressed juveniles but avoid distressed adults — responses known as social affective behaviors, researchers report. Additionally, the brain’s insular cortex region is required for proper reactions to others in distress. Further, changes in insular cortex excitability, […]

Falling IQ scores in childhood may signal psychotic disorders in later life

New research shows adults who develop psychotic disorders experience declines in IQ during childhood and adolescence, falling progressively further behind their peers across a range of cognitive abilities. The researchers found falls in IQ start in early childhood, and suggest educational interventions could potentially delay the onset of mental illness. Source: Feed4