New research agenda to accelerate malaria elimination, eradication

Over 180 scientists, malaria program managers and policy makers from around the world have come together through a consultative process to update the research agenda for malaria elimination and eradication, first produced in 2011. The outcome is a series of seven ‘malERA Refresh’ papers. This forward-looking research and development agenda should help accelerate progress towards […]

Public resource boosts drug discovery, offers insights into protein function

Researchers have taken the Connectivity Map — a widely used resource of tools and data — to new heights with a massively scaled-up version. This expanded ‘connectivity map’ creates more than 1.3 million gene expression profiles of drug treatment and genetic perturbation, accelerating research on small molecules and gene function. For this new platform, the […]

Designing a golden nanopill

Researchers have investigated the optical properties of complex plasmonic vesicles, which can navigate the bloodstream, and, when hit with a quick pulse of laser light, change shape to release their contents. The researchers used supercomputers to gain insights into the how plasmonic nanoparticles can be optimally designed and activated. Source: Feed4