Could My Dog Suffer from Social Anxiety?

Veterinarian Courtney Campbell joins The Doctors to take a question from show producer Keegan. “Anxious is an understatement!” comments Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman, who has met Keegan’s dog, Cash. “With Cash’s situation, he’s saying to himself, ‘I’m really scared, I’m really anxious’,” explains Dr. Campbell. Source: Feed3

Can Lasers Restore Your Youth ‘Down There’?

Urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman puts the Mona Lisa Touch laser procedure to the test. Dr. Berman says she been dealing with stress incontinence and dryness in the private parts. Gynecologist Dr. Peter Weiss explains that in the Mona Lisa Touch procedure, “A CO2 fractionated laser treats women who have atrophic vaginitis in menopausal women, the […]