X-ray to study micronutrients in human minibrains

It is consensus that mothers’ diet has critical effects on fetal development, and the absence of nutrients is related to impairments on brain formation. In order to characterize the nutrients during human brain development, Brazilian scientists investigated human minibrains using synchrotron radiation, a sort of X-ray. Results showed that concentration and distribution of chemical elements […]

Genetic tool to improve arsenic studies

Arsenic-contaminated drinking water impacts millions of people worldwide. Groundwater contamination is primarily caused by microbes that convert one form of arsenic into another form that can infiltrate groundwater. Researchers have now developed a genetic tool that makes it easier to identify which microbial species have arsenic-converting genes. Source: Feed4

Epilepsy drug discovered in fish model shows promise in small pediatric clinical trial

‘Bench-to-bedside’ describes research that has progressed from basic science in animal models that has led to therapies used in patients. Now, a study describes what could be considered a direct ‘aquarium-to-bedside’ approach, taking a drug discovered in a genetic zebrafish model of epilepsy and testing it, with promising results, in a small number of children […]