Probes help surgeons detect cancer cells

Nanoscale fluorescent probes that switch on in the presence of cancer cells helped surgeons remove tumours in mice without harming healthy tissue, according to a study published Monday. In experiments, microscopic probes were injected into mice with cancerous tumours. A built-in "switch" illuminates the probes when they come into contact with cancer cell. Source: Feed3

Important element of immune defense against fungal infections discovered

Fungal infections are a serious health risk. They can be harmful especially to patients whose immune system is compromised through illness or chemotherapy. Scientists have discovered an important mechanism in the body’s defenses against fungi. The discovery explains, among other things, why people with certain genetic variations are more susceptible to fungal infections. Source: Feed4

Lebanese lawmakers set to scrap law forgiving rapists who marry victim

By Sebastien Malo NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Women’s rights campaigners in Lebanon said they were confident that lawmakers were set to abolish a law that absolves convicted rapists of their punishment if they marry their victim. Elie Kayrouz, a member of Lebanon’s parliament who sits on a parliamentary committee tasked with examining the […]

Study says Pregnancy changes a woman's brain

Pregnancy causes "long-lasting" physical changes to a woman's brain, with significant, but seemingly beneficial, grey matter loss in parts of the crucial organ, a study said Monday. The changes "concern brain areas associated with functions necessary to manage the challenges of motherhood," study co-author Erika Barba-Muller of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) said in […]