'Matching' DNA could make for healthier 3-parent babies: study

Better matching the DNA of egg donors and recipient mothers-to-be may limit the risk of transferring disease-causing mutations to so-called three-parent babies, a study suggested Wednesday. While further work is needed, the study adds to the fast-growing field of in-vitro fertilisation for women with damaged mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) — the type inherited solely from our […]

Key insight about mitochondrial replacement therapy

Mitochondrial donors should be carefully selected to avoid transmission of harmful mutations, outlines a new report. Mitochondrial replacement therapy offers hope for women genetically predisposed to pass on mutant mitochondria, the tiny powerhouses inside nearly every cell of the body. Mitochondrial DNA is passed only from mothers to their children. Mutations can cause a range […]

Philip Morris looks beyond cigarettes with alternative products

Philip Morris International , the world's largest international tobacco company, said it could eventually stub out cigarette sales as it launched an alternative product in Britain on Wednesday. Underlining the regulatory pressures facing the tobacco industry, a British court also on Wednesday rejected an appeal against new rules prohibiting the use of marketing such as […]