PRTek Custom Intake review

Well I just installed the PRTek Custom Cold-Air intake for the E46, in this case a 2005 325i. The item arrived rather quickly, coming all the way from UK, and was well packaged and boxed. The instruction sheet that came with it was crucial in identifying the right alignment of the parts before installing the bolts. In this case I was adapting to a custom air filter, as this is not included, but have no fear – industry ‘standards’ like the Spectres, for example – are a perfect fit. Just be sure to get the right diameter, such as 3-inch or 4-inch, for your application. The rest of the installation was a breeze. Now, on to performance….
Not that much noticeably different in terms of power or torque, but certainly an audible difference. There seems to be a more pronounced intake sound now. I will await the definitive dyno test to validate any HP gains….but so far so good. This is an excellent product by all accounts, and it certainly looks great at car shows. The PRTek is highly recommended. Contact Robert or Mark at PRTek.

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